Cass County Child Advocates

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22nd Annual Indiana GAL/CASA State Conference

The Indiana Supreme Court's State Office of GAL/CASA is excited to present a full day of sessions to help you learn and advance in your current role as an advocate for abused and neglected children.

The Indiana Supreme Court's State Office of GAL/CASA is pleased to announce Giovan Bazan as the 2018 conference keynote.  Giovan Bazan, or “G” as he is more frequently called, has made it his life mission to inspire others to find and pursue their purpose in life. G is redefining what it means to develop and maintain inner Peace, what it means to live with Purpose and how to cultivate Resilience as a way of life. His energy and joyous personality is infectious and has inspired people of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations around the world! His ability to translate his lived experiences into a powerful message that resonates deeply within each person, is a life-changing experience!

G has endured and persevered through unimaginable adversity, from losing his loving foster mom to cancer at 6 years old, to over a decade of physical and sexual abuse, to being heavily sedated for twelve years from countless cocktails of psychotropic medications. Homelessness, poverty, poor education, severe mental health challenges, physical and sexual abuse, were all insurmountable obstacles throughout G’s childhood and adolescence. Statistically speaking, he should not have been able to overcome. In spite of all the opposition, G used the adversity as a reason to get better and not as an excuse to be bitter. He bravely lifts up his shirt and shows his scars to let people know that healing is possible. By being open and honest about the pain of his past, G empowers others to find peace with their own past, live with purpose in the present and grow their resilience to propel them into the future.

When G turned 18 he opted off all medications, an informed decision he made, in spite of the warnings from his psychiatrists who told him “You will never be successful now or as an adult, unless you take medications for the rest of your life.” For Giovan it was deeper than reclaiming his identity and coming off the medications. It was about addressing his traumatic past and embarking on the life-long journey of healing and recovery.

G has spoken internationally to hundreds of thousands of youth and adults from teens in middle and high schools to personnel with the White House. He’s been featured on CNN Dialogues, Canada's CBC and consulted with major media outlets like ABC's World News Tonight. G has spent years advocating for Social Justice, reforming Public Policy, and improving Youth-Related Legislation.

He is considered an expert in helping children, youth and adults believe in their ability to overcome adversity, and to use the obstacles in their past to propel them into their purpose in life.