Cass County Child Advocates

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What it Means to be an Advocate in Cass County

Everyday Heroes

A look into the eyes of former children CASA volunteers worked side by side with, and that volunteers are modern day heroes.

Being a Court Appointed Special Advocate

Dr. Phil is a big advocate for CASA. Robin and Phil McGraw are CASA volunteers themselves and have supported to program is California for many years. Check out this video and others to hear more about what Dr. Phil has to say about being a CASA Volunteer.

How to Deal with "Annoying" Kids

Sometimes it takes just one caring adult to recognize and cultivate a child. It might be a parent, a coach, or a teacher. Every child needs one adult to be patient, listen, and guide--a very simple action that can make a huge difference for that child.

This concept is a big part of what the CASA program is all about. Being present and, when the opportunity presents itself, being that change in the life of the child.